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Dr. Abhishek Kanugo

Dr. Abhishek Kanugo

Assistant Professor
M. Pharm, Ph.D.

Area of specialization: Pharmaceutics


Academic: 9.5 Years

Interest areas:

1. Formulation and Evaluation of OSD

2. Novel and controlled drug delivery system

3. Enhancement of solubility and bioavailability of drugs

4. Drug delivery based on polymers

5. Taste masking of drugs

Awards: Qualified GATE-2007 conducted by IIT Kanpur in B. Pharm third year.

Number of Publications:08

Recent Publications: (Last three years):

  1. A.Y. Kanugo, N.I. Kochar, A.V. Chandewar. pH dependent pulsatile drug delivery for chronotherapeutics of hypertension, Der Pharmacia Lettre, 2017, 9(6):260-269.
  2. A.Y. Kanugo, N.I. Kochar, A.V. Predictable pulsatile release of Candesartan cilexetil for chronotherapeutics of hypertension Int. J Drug Dev. Res. 2017, Vol. 9(2):42-47.
  3. A.Y. Kanugo, N.I. Kochar, A.V. Pulsatile drug delivery of Candesartan cilexetil for cardiovascular complications. IJPSR, 2017, Vol. 8(9): 1000-08.
  4. A.Y. Kanugo, N.I. Kochar, A.V. Design and evaluation of enteric compression coated tablet for chronotherapeutics drug delivery. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics 2017; Vol. 11(3):S517-S523.
  5. A.Y. Kanugo, N.I. Kochar, A.V. Development of pulsatile drug delivery for chronotherapeutics of hypertension. Int J Drug Deliv Tech. 2017; 7(3); 184-189.

Professional memberships:

  1. MSPCI: 81995
  2. Life Member of APTI: (MA/LM 2400)

Other achievements/ Trainings:

one-week Faculty training in Natco Pharma, Kothur, (21st January 2019 to 25thJanuary 2019).

Official email

Official Phone No. 02563 - 286545-51

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