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Dr. Gaurav K. Saraogi

Associate Professor

M.Pharm, Ph.D.




14 years


Received the ICMR SRF for Ph.D

Received the UGC JRF for M. Pharm

Interest Areas

Preparation and Characterization of Novel and Sustained Drug Delivery Systems e.g. Matrix release Tablets, Floating Tablets, Colon Release Tablets, Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems, Liposomes, Nanoparticles, Solid Lipid Nanoparticles, Microspheres, Microparticles, Targeted Drug Delivery System.

Research & Publications

Publications – 20 (International- 14, National-06)

Presentations- 25

Government funded projects – 01 (Ongoing : M P C S T sponsored Research Project on Transdermal delivery of antihypertensive drugs (2.69 lakhs))

Conferences/Workshops/Seminars attended

15 conferences are attended including national and international.

Professional Memberships

- Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (Life Member)
- Indian Pharmaceutical Graduate Association (Life Member)
- Registered Pharmacist MP Pharmacy Council of India

Recent Publications

International Publication

1. Abhinav Agarwal, Narendra Lariya, Gaurav Kant Saraogi, Nidhi Dubey, Himanshu Agrawal and G.P. Agrawal Review article on “Nanoaparticles as novel carrier for brain delivery: A review” Current Pharmaceutical Design, Volume 15, Number 8, March 2009, 917-925 (Impact Factor-4.6)

2. Navneet Nimje, Abhinav Agarwal, Gaurav Kant Saraogi, Narendra Lariya, Gopal Rai, Himanshu Agrawal and G. P. Agrawal Mannosylated nanoparticulate carriers of Rifabutin for alveolar targeting. Journal of Drug Targeting, Volume 17, Issue 10 December 2009, 777 – 787 (Impact Factor-2.7)

3. Gaurav Kant Saraogi, Puspa Gupta, U.D. Gupta, N.K. Jain, G.P. Agrawal Gelatin nanocarriers as potential vectors for effective management of tuberculosis. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Volume 385, Issues 1-2, 29 January 2010, 143-149 (Impact Factor-3.4)

4. Gaurav Kant Saraogi, Bhavna Sharma, Beenu Joshi, Pushpa Gupta, Umesh Dutta Gupta, Narendra Kumar Jain, and Govind Prasad Agrawal Mannosylated Gelatin Nanoparticles bearing Isoniazid for Effective management of Tuberculosis, Journal of Drug Targeting, oi:10.3109/1061186X.2010.492522 (Impact Factor-2.7)

5. Brajesh Tiwari, Abhinav Agarwal, Anil K. Kharya, Narendra Lariya, Gaurav Kant Saraogi, Himanshu Agrawal and Govind P. Agrawal, Immunoglobulin immobilized liposomal constructs for transmucosal vaccination through nasal route J. of Liposome Research, doi:10.3109/08982104.2010.498003 (Impact Factor-1.9)

6. Swati Gupta, Abhinav Agarwal, Nishant Kumar Gupta, Gaurav Kant Saraogi, Himanshu Agrawal, and G.P. Agrawal Galactose decorated PLGA nanoparticles for hepatic delivery of acyclovir, Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 2012, DOI: 10.3109/03639045.2012.662510 (Impact Factor-1.5)

7. Sethi P, Singh P, Sharma S, Saraogi GK, Singhai AK, (2011), Active targeting Drug Delivery System Inventi-Rapid :NDDS, Vol-2, Issue-1.

8. Rajendra Chouksey, Harish Pandey, A. K. Jain, Himesh Soni, G. K. Saraogi, Preparation And Evaluation Of The Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System Containing Atorvastatin HMGCOA Inhibiter International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol 3, Issue 3, 2011

9. Khushbu Ansari, A K Singhai, G K Saraogi, Swaraj Patil, Transdermal Drug Delivery of Salbutamol Sulphate with Different Concentration of Polymers, IJRPS 1(3) Oct-Dec 2011 ISSN: 2249–35

10. Amit Singh*, Rachiyata Dubey, R T Paliwal, Gaurav K Saraogi, A K Singhai Nutraceuticals-An Emerging Era In The Treatment And Prevention Of Diseases, Int J Pharm Pharm Sci, Vol 4, Suppl 4, 39-43, ISSN- 0975-1491.

11. Shalini Chhabaria, Ankur Namdeo, Rajat Kheri, Gaurav Saraogi and Akhilesh Singhai, Current Status and Future Innovations in Transdermal Drug Delivery. IJPSR, 2012; Vol. 3(8): 2502-2509, ISSN: 0975-8232.

12. Prashant Khemariya, Sanjay J. Ingale, Akhilesh K. Singhai, Mohit Bhargava, Gaurav Saraogi, Sanjay K. Singhai and Mayank Nagar, Formulation and Characterization of Sustained Release Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System of Ofloxacin, International Journal of Biopharmaceutics, 2010; 1(2): 85-91.

13. Rachiyata Dubey, Amit Singh, Garauv K. Saraogi, Akhilesh K. Singhai Proniosomes: Recent Advancement In Novel Drug Delivery, Volume 4, Issue 4, Oct - Dec, 2012

14. Sarvesh Sharma, Gaurav K Saraogi, Vimal Kumar Development of Spectrophotometric Methods for Simultaneous Determination of Artesunate and Curcumin in Liposomal Formulation International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics Volume 7, Issue 1, 2015

National Publication

1. Review article on “Glycodendrimers Based Novel Targeted Drug Delivery Systems” The Pharma Review, Jul-Aug 2004

2. Jain S, Mehra NK, Singhai AK and Saraogi GK Development and Evaluation of Sustained Release Matrix Tablet of Lamivudine IJPSR, 2011; Vol. 2(1): 454-461

3. Jain S, Sharma A, Pawar D, Sethi P, Singhai AK, Saraogi GK (2011) Potential of Sustained release potential multiple emulsion in combined chemotherapeutic agents Inventi Rapid Journal (Accepted).

4. Singhai AK, Sharma D, Saraogi GK, Mehra N, Mudgal V (2011), Design and Evaluation of Rapid Disintegrating Tablets of Ondansetron Hydrochoride IJRAP, 2(1), 259-263

5. Mudgal VK, Sethi P, Kheri R, Saraogi GK, Singhai AK, (2011), Orally Disintegrating Tablets: A Review, Int. Res. J of Pharmacy, 2(4), 16-22.

6. Patel S N, Saraogi G K, Kheri R, Tiwari D K, Protein Recognition Property of macro cycles: Binding of anti-HIV Metallocyclams (Copper or Zinc-cyclams), (2011) Int. J of Pharma & Integ. Med. 1(1), 1-11

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