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A Report on Director’s Welcome Event

Date : October 19, 2015

Organized by : SPTM Shirpur Campus

Organizing Committee : 
Dr. A. S. Deshpande, Academic Chairperson (UG), SPTM, Shirpur Campus
Dr. S. B. Belamkar, Academic Chairperson (Diploma), SPTM, Shirpur Campus
Dr. Payal Dande, Asst.Prof. & HOD, SPTM

Executed by : Dr. Payal Dande, Asst.Prof. & HOD, SPTM

Venue : Seminar hall, 2nd floor, C-wing, MPTP, Shirpur Campus.


To welcome the director Dr. R. S. Gaud and have a formal interaction with students, an event was organized on October 19, 2015 with the title “Know your Director”. The event was conducted on October 19, 2015 at 6:00 pm at conference hall in C wing. The event was organized by Dr. A.S. Deshpande, Dr.Sateesh Belamkar and executed by Dr. Payal Dande. The official interaction of Dr. R.S.Gaud, Director MPTP campus with faculty, staff and students helped them to understand his mission, vision and goals for the development of MPTP Shirpur campus and also to know the expectations of students and staff from the director.

“Know your Director Event:

“Great Leaders don’t tell what to do, they show you how it’s done” the famous quote of ABC success tips is exactly what our Director believes and practices in his daily life.

Hon. Director was given a warm welcome with a round of applauds by students, faculty and staff. He was formally welcomed with a shawl and a shreephal, by the academic chairpersons. Dr. Payal anchored the program. She introduced Dr. Gaud with the audience and informed about his mission, vision, and his selfless services to the pharmacy community, honors and appreciations to his credits along with publications, presentations, patents etc.

At the presentation, Dr. Payal also shared a video of the I/C. Dean, Dr. Bala Prabhakar, who had spent more than two decades, working with Dr. Gaud. She shared her experiences about the working style and efforts taken by Dr. Gaud for the development of professional Pharmacy Schools at both Mumbai and Shirpur campus in particular.

Dr.Payal Dande also emphasized on the change brought about by Dr. R.S. Gaud in the education sector of pharmacy field by emphasizing on the need of both management and technology and designing a special techno-managerial course. She highlighted the major achievements of schools under his reign and efforts taken by him to develop the school as one of the best at national level.

All the staff, faculty members along with students of diploma as well as degree were present on the occasion.

As the part of interaction students were asked to represent their expectations from the director. In reply to this appeal in all six students represented their classes and their expectations.


Dr. Gaud while addressing gathering communicated that the campus will be developed as a research based campus and he has started working in that direction. He stated the need for changing trends in the pharmaceutical field and need for the preparation catering to the industrial needs. He appealed the students for having better time management, helping weak students and increasing their professional skills. He further assured to take all efforts for making this campus one of the best campus for education as well as research.

The event was concluded by a thanking note by Dr.Amit Page. The session was ended with NMIMS Anthem.

Student representations:

Rishi Nagar, B.Pharm + MBA 3rd year

Good evening to all the dignitaries & students present here. I RISHI NAGAR on the behalf of SPTM am thankful that we’ve got the director from the pharmaceutical field.

Our experience from 1st year to 3rd year is still enduring as a nice journey. From new friends to new field, it can be determined that many of the things were changed as we were introduced to soft skills which have enhanced our communication skills. From pharmaceutical chemistry to pharmaceutics, students were found to have an up gradation in their knowledge.

The environment which is created by our faculties & the lab staff is found to be an excellent part of our experience.

Overall development is one of the best things we can have in this campus. From sports to cultural activities, we have a great platform to learn & emerge as a good human being.

Sir we expect that under your guidance, more support will be given to academics along with cultural & co-curricular activities so that we can get the chance to make you feel proud.

Thank you.

Tejal R Kocharekar B.Pharm + MBA 3rd year

Good evening to one and all present here faculty and all the students. I Tejal R Kocharekar on behalf of SPTM family am happy to welcome Dr. R.S. Gaud sir as the campus director. Although earlier all of us have been acquainted with you as the dean of SPPSPTM & SPTM, now feel more important after you have joined MPTP Shirpur campus as the director.

Sir we are privileged to be under your guidance to take our campus to laurels. We would love to have maximum exposure to various intercollegiate events taking place. If not participation at least as an audience to such events would help us to improve our interpersonal skills both as techno managers nad pharmacists. We all are keenly interested in attending guest lecturers delivered by experts from pharmacy and technology management sectors.

Sir you being one such specialists we all keenly look forward for more interactive sessions, industrial visits, conferences, social activities and campaigns which would help us in our holistic development.

Our stay in this campus has been an excellent experience and we sincerely hope that under your mentorship sir as the director of our campus we will definitely shine more brighter.

Thank You

Shambhavi Shahi, B.Pharm + MBA 2nd year

I, Shambhavi Shahi from the second year would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about our director sir who actually needs no formal introduction to our SPTM family.

It is our privilege to have you as our director sir. Since our interaction with sir has been limited due to his busy schedule in Mumbai, we are looking forward to better interaction here in the campus. We would like to have his guidance in various fields as he has a very positive experience of handling both the campuses well.

We wish that with your presence a climate of enthusiasm will be maintained. As we know to carry forward things well in a positive way is not the job of a single person we wish to work in co-operation to solve the problems for a better campus life. We congratulate you sir for making an excellent decision of being a part of the campus and we hope to develop a lot under your guidance.

Since you are a great personality we wish to focus on your ideas provided to us and learn as much as possible in our quest for knowledge.

Thank you.

Amar Singh Rathore, B.Pharm + MBA 2nd year

I, Amar Singh Rathore, take this opportunity to extend a hearty welcome as you have become the director of the campus.

As we know success is a science! If we have the conditions we get the results! So, we students expect that you create the right conditions for us and it is our job to do the rest. Flourishing in academics is a plus point and thus we would appreciate if you would help us in adding value to our knowledge by allowing national and international exposure.

Apart from all these sir has been a great support for we students and thinks in favor of us. We hope that we have strong ties with you which will provide us with a wealth of opportunities to develop ambitious interdisciplinary expertise.

As you have your own area of specialization and great potential we would like to follow your footsteps for the development of new ideas, new concept, new theories and new dreams. Also we wish to know about your expectations from us!

Thank you.
Report submitted by,

Dr Payal Dande
Incharge Cultural Head SVKMs NMIMS, MPTP, Shirpur Campus

inaugration by deshpande
inaugration by deshpande

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