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Blood Donation camp 2015, MPTP Shirpur Campus

A Report on Blood Donation Camp - 2015

Date : September 13, 2015

Organized by : MPTP Shirpur Campus

Organizing Committee : 
Dr. Pradeep Waychal, Director, SVKM’s NMIMS, MPTP Shirpur Campus
Mr. Rahul Dande, Chief Accountant & Administrator, NMIMS, Shirpur Campus
Dr. M. V. Deshpande, Associate Dean, MPSTME, Shirpur campus
Dr. A. S. Deshpande, Academic Chairperson (UG), SPTM, Shirpur Campus
Dr. S. B. Belamkar, Academic Chairperson (Diploma), SPTM, Shirpur Campus


Incharge : Dr. Payal Dande, In charge Campus Cultural Committee, MPTP Campus

Student Coordinators : Students of Cultural committee, Student council along with other volunteers

Venue : Sickbay Boy’s hostel, SVKMs NMIMS MPTP, Shirpur Campus.

Details :

On the graceful occasion of birthday of our Honorable Shri. Amrishbhai Patel, the Cultural committee of MPTP campus had organized a “Blood Donation Camp” in Boy’s Hostel Sickbay of NMIMS Shirpur Campus premises on 13th September 2015 from 9.00 - 6:00 pm.

Blood Donation Camp at MPTP Campus:

The planning, organizing and execution of the event was made under the guidance of Cultural head Dr. Payal Dande with the help of members from cultural committee, student council and other volunteers of MPTP campus. The venue was fixed as sick bay of boys hostel.

Programme was inaugurated by Honorable Shri Rajgopal Bhandari (Executive member SVKM), Dr. Sharad N. Kashid (Scientist- Torrent Pharmaceuticals), Director Dr. Pradeep Waychal, in presence of Dr. M. V. Deshpande, Dr Ashwini Deshpande, Mr Rahul Dande and Dr. Payal Dande along with other authorities, student council members, cultural committee members and volunteers of MPTP Shiprur campus.


The blood donation camp commenced at 9:00 am with the authorities donating the blood followed by students, staff and security guards. The two blood banks which were present for the blood donation camp were Jeevan Jyoti (Shirpur) and Navjeevan (Dhule). There was active participation from both the student and authorities of MPTP campus.

inaugration by deshpande
inaugration by deshpande

The blood donors received the donor card, certificate and pen as token of appreciation. Refreshments were arranged for donors after the blood donation.

There was an effective co-ordination and teamwork between other authorities, student council members, cultural committee members and all the volunteers of the event.

donation by student

The blood donation camp became successful with 325 donors because of the participation of authorities, staff and students.

camp in boys hostel

In the words of student volunteers:

We were able to see the enthusiasm of all the members of MPTP campus towards the society by bonding themselves in relation to their duty towards community.

Report submitted by,
Dr. Payal Dande
Incharge Cultural Head
SVKMs NMIMS, MPTP, Shirpur Campus

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