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Dengue Awareness Camp

Date : 25th September, 2016

On the occasion of World’s Pharmacist day, 25th September 2016, a “Dengue Awareness Camp” was conducted by students of SPTM NMIMS Shirpur under the supervision and guidance of Dr Payal Dande and Mr. Swapnil Patil. Faculty members (Dr Payal Dande, Mr Parshuram Shendge and Mr Kiran Patil) along with 10 students of second and third year visited R. C. Patel Secondary School, Savalde. Students exhibited the poster that gave the details of the dengue disease, its causes, and symptoms along with Preventive measures. Students also performed a small skit to spread awareness on Dengue causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention for the students of Class 5 to Class 10 in an interesting way. The idea of depicting it in the form of play worked very effectively. The students learned it in an interesting way and answered most of the questions asked after the skit to check their understanding. A brief idea about the basic preventive measures to be followed was given to the students. Our students enthusiastically participated in the discussion and their work was appreciated by everyone.

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