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Diwali Social Drive - 2016

Day 1

Great changes are brought about through small efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in good cause. To bring smile on innocent faces of needy children, students of MPTP Shirpur campus organized a “Diwali Social drive” named “Each One Save One”.

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, students of MPTP under the guidance of Dr. Payal Dande joined hands for a three day social activity EACH ONE SAVE ONE that aimed at bringing smile to the faces of needy students from various schools and organizations of Shirpur and nearby areas.

The drive was approved and whole heartedly supported by our beloved Director Dr R.S. Gaud, Mr. Rahul Dande, Dr. Aaquil Bunglowala and Dr. Ashwini Deshpande. Everyone right from management, faculty, staff and students contributed for this beautiful and pious social cause.

On Day 1, Students along with Director MPTP and the faculty members including Dr. Sateesh B, Dr. Payal Dande and Mr. Parshuram Shendge visited “Waghadi mentally challenged Ashram School” in the evening. Drawing and stationery material sufficient for a complete year was gifted to 60 mentally challenged students. Our students were more than happy to help them have a great Diwali celebration. They played, danced and ate with them. It was indeed a gala time for all of us. According to the students, this event became one of the most cherished and unforgettable experience of their lives. The feeling of contentment and satisfaction was clearly visible on the face of Director and faculty members. Most of the students showed their eagerness to spend time with them.

Director Dr R. S. Gaud specially congratulated Dr. Payal Dande and the student coordinators Mr. Suchit Arora, Mr. Praneet Singh, Mr. Swapnil Guru and Ms. Khushboo for their effective conduction of the event.

Please find the glimpses of the happiness on everyone’s faces in photo library.

Day 2

Day 2 was marked by the visit at “Deaf and Dumb Ashram School” in the evening. Students of NMIMS, MPTP campus along with faculty members Dr. Payal Dande, Mr. Jineet Gavit, Mr. Goyal and Mr. Parshuram Shendge visited the school. The school students were gifted with school bags and notebooks that could be used for the complete year. The celebration brought out the hidden talents of the especially abled students. Our students were amazed to see their quick sign language and sharpness of mind. The students recalled their earlier visit made to the same school in order to create awareness about H1N1 influenza and also Holi celebration. Happiness was exchanged by learning their way of expression. It was one of the most wonderful experience and joyful moment for all the students and staff of MPTP campus.

Kindly find glimpses of Diwali celebration at Deaf and dumb Ashram

Day 3

On Day 3, Students of NMIMS, MPTP campus were accompanied by Director Dr R S Gaud, Mr Rahul Dande and a team of faculty members to “Savalde R. C. Patel School”. We missed the presence of Dr Aaquil Bunglowala and Dr Ashwini Deshpande due to their academic engagement.

Everyone was delighted and surprised by the warm welcome extended by the School Principal Mrs. Seema More, teachers and huge applause that came from school students. Dr R. S. Gaud wished everyone and motivated them to become a good human being and valuable asset of the society. Dr. Payal Dande explained about the “Special Diwali drive of Spreading Happiness” that’s taken up by NMIMS management, staff and students for the year 2016-17. Prof Mitra narrated the famous parable as an essence behind Diwali celebrations.

The students were gifted with school bags and notebooks. Principal Mrs Seema More was touched by the noble act of our students and the special Diwali gift brought by them for little kids. She narrated, “How NMIMS Shirpur campus, management and students have always helped her students in the Past”. She requested to continue the association of NMIMS with them and also invited students and staff of MPTP Campus for sharing their knowledge & exposure with the new generation.

Happiness was filled in the air and everyone was more than happy to participate in this noble cause. Faculty members and staff congratulated Dr. Payal Dande and her team for conceptualizing this beautiful idea and showed their eagerness to participate in any such activity in future.

The event ended with rangoli making, group photo session and an exchange of Diwali wishes to each other. The event became memorable for everyone present.

Diwali Social Activity Drive 2016

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