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A Report on Thalassemia Detection Camp

A Report on Thalassemia Detection Camp

Date : September 24, 2015

Organized by : SVKM’s NMIMS, MPTP - Shirpur Campus in association with SVKM’s  C. B. Patel Research Centre, Mumbai

Organizing Committee : 
Dr. R. S. Gaud, Director, SVKM’s NMIMS, MPTP
Dr. Aparna Khanna, Dean - Sunandan Divatia School of Science, NMIMS Mumbai
Mr. Rahul Dande, Chief Accountant & Administrator
Dr. M. V. Deshpande, Associate Dean, MPSTME
Dr. A. S. Deshpande, Academic Chairperson (UG), SPTM

Event Incharge : Dr. Payal Dande, Faculty In-charge Campus Events

Co-ordinators : All the Staff members of SVKM’s NMIMS - Shirpur Campus

Chief Guests of the Events :
Mrs. Jasmine Majethia, Social Worker from USA
Shri. Bhupeshbhai Patel, Jt. President – SVKM
Shri. Gopal Bhandari, Member Purchase Committee

Details :

On the graceful occasion of birth anniversary of Late Shri. Mukeshbhai Patel, with a view to create mass awareness amongst the students, faculty and staff members SVKM’s NMIMS, MPTP Campus in association with C. B. Patel Research Centre had organized a “Thalassemia Detection Camp” on 24th September’ 2015 in Music Room, Academic Wing at MPTP, Shirpur Campus.


“One of the best aspects of health care reform is it starts to emphasize prevention” - Anne Wojcicki

Thalassemia is a group of genetic disorder of blood. It is caused by defective formation of Haemoglobin. Two common types are: Thalassemia Major and Thalassemia Minor (Carrier). Thalassemia Major Disease is preventable. Carriers are generally healthy with mild anaemia.

Thalassemia is a form of inherited autosomal recessive blood disorder characterized by abnormal formation of haemoglobin. Thalassemia can cause complications, including iron overload, bone deformities and cardiovascular illness. Thalassemia resulted in 25,000 deaths in 2013 down from 36,000 deaths in 1990.

The idea of camp was a brainchild of Shri Amrishbhai Patel and Shri Bhupeshbhai Patel supported by Mrs. Jasmine Majethia and Dr. Aparna Khanna. It was organized by SVKM’s NMIMS, MPTP Campus in association with C. B. Patel Research Centre, Mumbai under the heart full guidance of Dr. R. S. Gaud, Director, Mukesh Patel Technology Park, Dr. Aparna Khanna, Dean - School of Science, Mumbai, Dr. Manojkumar Deshpande, Associate Dean, MPSTME, Dr. Ashwini Deshpande, Chairperson (UG) – SPTM and Mr. Rahul Dande, Chief Accountant and Administrator, SVKM’S NMIMS, Shirpur Campus. The Camp targeted to conduct test for 450 final year students of MBA-Tech, B-Tech and MBA-Pharma Tech courses.


The camp was inaugurated by Mrs. Jasmine Majethia along with Shri. Bhupeshbhai Patel. To the readers, let us introduce Mrs. Jasmine Majethia, who has contributed immensely for the cause of thalassemia prevention. For the last 25 years she has been working for the same cause. Her work has been well appreciated in national as well as international media. For this noble cause she is providing financial help to 1600 thalassemia patients and she is also planning to take one thalassemia patient from India to United States for a free gene therapy.

inaugration by deshpande

Mrs. Payal Dande, Dr. Aparna Khanna, Dean, School of Science NMIMS and her colleague Miss Shweta tried their best to conduct the camp in the most synchronized way without affecting the academic schedule.

inaugration by deshpande

The camp was well executed with the able support of Mr. Rahul Dande, Mr. Kunal Maheshwari, Mr. Mohit Punjabi, Mr. Hemant Pathak, Mr. Rahul Sonawane, Mr. Nikhil Shah, Mrs. Purva Uttekar, Mrs. Seema Chaubey, Mr. Hansraj Ahire, Mr. Kiran Pawar, Mr. Mukesh Sonawane, Mr. Shreenivas Mane, Mr. Sanjay Agrawal, Mr. Premanand Mahajan, Mr. Ganesh Patil, Mr. Jagdish Patil, Lab technicians and other staff members of MPTP, Shirpur Campus. Refreshments were arranged for participants during the camp. There was an excellent co-ordination and teamwork between authorities, staff members, lab technicians and all the volunteers of the event.

donation by student

Although the camp was targeted to conduct the test for only 450 final year students of B. Tech and 3rd year students of MBA-Tech and MBA-Pharma Tech, the awareness was so well created hence faculty, staff and students from first and second year also made grace their presence. The camp was successful to complete the target with participants of different age groups being tested. Looking at the success of this camp Shri. Bhupeshbhai Patel decided to organize the camp again in the upcoming years.

Dr. Payal Dande expressed her heartfelt thanks to Shri. Bhupeshbhai Patel, Mrs. Jasmine Majhethia, Dr. Aparna Khanna and Ms. Shweta for their support and guidance. She congratulated all her team members for their hard work and co-ordination for successful execution of the event.

This camp ended with smile on the faces of the coordinators, who were happy to create awareness about thalassemia in Mukesh Patel Technology Park.

Report submitted by,
Dr. Payal Dande
Incharge Cultural Head
SVKMs NMIMS, MPTP, Shirpur Campus

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