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Without knowing the process of discovery, learning science gets reduced to conglomeration of facts that may or may not seem connected.

The workshop registration began at 9:30 am. All the teachers were very enthusiastic and their face reflected their thirst of knowledge. Dr. Amit Page welcomed all the teachers followed by welcome speech by Dr. R.S. Gaud Directors SVKM’s Pharma. Institutes. He said that, he felt utmost pleasure in welcoming the teachers. He explained the features of current academic situation, requirement of industries and how institute and industries can complement each other by improving teaching trends. He specially mentioned to work on teaching pedagogies as well as linking of theory to the current industrial practices. 




The birth date of the second President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, 5 September 1888, is celebrated as Teacher's Day since 1962. This festival is traditionally celebrated by India and Nepal, to pay respect to the teachers, expressing gratitude towards the significant duties teachers perform, building up the nation by sharing knowledge, information and wisdom to the next generation.




In post tea session, Dr. Bala Prabhakar, Dean, SPP SPTM, Mumbai delivered a talk on "Various Pedagogical tools in Teaching''. She thrown light on various types of student psychologies, their behaviour patterns and according how to deal with them to get more productive students with reference to knowledge gain. She interacted with all the faculties to make the session live and happening with some examples of various tools in pedagogies.




The third Lecture was delivered by Dr. Prodyot Das, AGM-R&D, Torrent Pharma, his discussion involved 'Process Analytical Tech., QbD, Particle Engineering etc. He stressed the current expectation of industry from academia and how can teacher satisfy the need of industry simply by taking care of some advanced tools to be taught to student during graduation as well as Post graduation.



Post lunch session Dr. Payal Dande, introduced Dr. P. G. Shrotriya, Research Director SPP SPTM, Mumbai. It was a very charming, exciting and enjoyable interaction with Dr. Shrotriya. He was sharing his bucket filled with unmeasurable industrial and regulatory experiences. It was his appeal to everyone present that we need to give student the live examples and cases happening or happened in Industry. That will make the student upgraded and rich to handle critical situation in industry.





Today is the second day of the session, and it was started with lecture of Dr. Amit B page, assistant Professor, SPTM, Shirpur. He delivered lecture on teaching pattern for student and Learning the student academic need to be fulfilled. He touched many aspects of teaching methodologies, student behaviour, teacher psychology and mainly teacher student interaction. He shared many ways to create hypothetical case studies for pharmaceutical teaching and making the learning process easy. Participants responded and interacted positively during his discussion.



In post tea session, Dr. Krishnapriya Mohanraj, Professor & Hear Pharmaceutical chemistry, spoke on "Conceptual Leaning”. As expected from the title she made the session so interesting and happening that no participant remained untouched by her logical points and brain storming questioned. She demonstrated the interactive ways of teaching learning through chemistry and analysis based case studies. She continuously emphasised on active participation of students in theory class or practicals. She asked all the teachers under training in the sessions to have more problem based as well as conceptual learning methodologies in regular teaching.

Post Lunch Session was started with hands on training of the flipped classroom technology, Dr. Smita Bonde, assistant Professor, SPTM, Shirpur explained Bloom’s Taxonomy, in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed, she emphasised Think pair Share, Debate, Treasure hunt, Group Discussion, Puzzles, Quiz, Peer assessment. In Off classroom session Dr. C.G. Bonde and Dr. Payal Dande demonstrated screen casting techniques where we can prepare short video lectures which can be viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions. Three of them personally interacted at every computer point and every participant teacher to make him more comfortable to gain this innovative tool of teaching methodology.





Day Third started with experience rich words of Dr. K.S.Ladhha, Professor ICT Mumbai. He discussed various ways of exploring Pharmacognosy not as a subject but a main stream of pharmacy open for research. He clearly mentioned various limitations and avenues to overcome it. He shared his expertise in phytochemical isolation, consultancies, fetching funding from industries.



Second seminar delivered by Mr. Yugal Sikri, Chairman-Pharmaceutical Management-SBM, NMIMS & Director-Pharma TM-SPPSPTM, Mumbai. He informed about advanced technologies emerged in pharmaceutical industry. His talk inspired to search new technologies which will be useful for academic as well as in industry. Up gradation with technologies used in academic is a need of today’s teaching culture.

Third talk was delivered by Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni, Assistant Professor, SPP SPTM, Mumbai. He discussed research funding available for pharma industry. Different funding agencies like DST, UGC, ICMR, DBT, ISRO, SERC etc. provides funding for research. In this discussion Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni informed about importance of funding while doing research in academic institutes.



Post Lunch Session was driven by Dr. Payal Dande, Assistant Professor SPTM, Shirpur. She explained Importance of being virtually available to all the student as well as research community around us and working in your research area. Further she introduced all the participants to making their own webpage and throwing information in the pool of web. Very enthusiastically she explained and interacted with each of the teacher with the support of fellows in the department i.e. Dr. Ashwini Deshpande, Dr. CG Bonde, Dr.SC Bonde, and Dr. Bagade


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