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Ms. Prabha Rajput

Ms. Prabha Rajput

Assistant professor
M. Pharm.

Areas of specialization: Pharmacology and Toxicology

Experience:2 years

Interest areas: Circadian Rhythm, Mitochondrial Medicine, Alcohol addiction, eating disorder, diabetic neuropathy, Neuropharmacology and Network Pharmacology

Books/Book chapters published

Impact of epigenetic modifications and alcohol on different brain area

Prabha Rajput* Manish kumar

Scholar Press 2018

Number of Publications: 14

Recent Publications:

  • Rajput, Prabha, Dhanananajay Kumar, and Sairam Krishnamurthy. "Chronic exposure to dim artificial light disrupts the daily rhythm in mitochondrial respiration in mouse suprachiasmatic nucleus." Chronobiology International (2023):1-14. 2.
  • Rajput, Prabha, and Sairam Krishnamurthy. "Standardization and validation of novel ex-vivo method for mitochondrial bioenergetics using mitochondrial modulators." Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods 119 (2023): 107209.
  • Rajput, Prabha, Uma K. Aryal, Ketaki Bhide, Radiah C. Minor, Sairam Krishnamurthy, and Theresa M. Casey. "Characterization of sow milk N-linked glycoproteome over the course of lactation." Journal of Animal Science 101 (2023): skac426.
  • Teeple, K., Rajput, P., Scinto, S., Schoonmaker, J., Davis, C., Dinn, M., & Casey, T. (2023). Impact of high-fat diet and exposure to constant light on reproductive competence of female ICR mice. Biology Open, 12(10).
  • Teeple Kelsey, Prabha Rajput, Maria Gonzalez, Yu Han-Hallett, Esteban Fern├índez-Juricic, and Theresa Casey. "High fat diet induces obesity, alters eating pattern and disrupts corticosterone circadian rhythms in female ICR mice." Plos one 18, no. 1 (2023): e0279209.
  • Schoonmaker Jenna, Prabha Rajput, Kelsey Teeple, and Theresa Casey. "Exploring the effect of prepregnancy obesity and circadian disruption on milk production efficiency in mice." Journal of Biological Chemistry 299, no. 3 (2023):S465.

Other achievements/ Trainings: ICMR-SRF, SERB-OVDF

Official email ID:

Official Phone No. 02563-295545/46/47/48/49

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