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Dr. Ranajit N. Shinde

Dr. Ranajit N. Shinde

Associate Professor
M.S., Ph. D.

Areas of Specialization


Computeraided drug design, Molecular dynamics, QSAR,


Professional Experience

Industrial: 2 Years
Academic: 5 Years 
Research: 10 Years

Research Interest


Protein-ligand binding, structure activity relationships, ligand optimization



  • Awarded and completed EMBO-Short Term Fellowship to perform collaborative research with Dr. Stefan Knapp at Pharmaceutical Chemistry department of Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Awarded the CSIR-Nehru Science Postdoctoral Research Fellowship by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India, New Delhi, for three years.
  • Awarded the Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India, New Delhi, for four years.
  • Selected as a young researcher to deliver a talk at "Annual Symposium of the Indian Biophysical Society, 2017.
  • Received Galderma Travel award of 1000 SGD for the oral presentation at international conference "Pharmacy Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, 2010, Singapore”

Total Number of Publications: 15


Recent Publications:

  • Shinde RN, Subramanian K, Singh B. Molecular dynamics studies unravel role of conserved residues responsible for movement of ions into active site of DHBPS, 2017. Scientific Reports 7, 40452.(IF – 5.228)
  • Shinde RN, Sobhia ME. Binding and discerning interactions of PTP1B allosteric inhibitors: Novel insights from molecular dynamics simulations. J Mol Graph Mod,2013, 45, 98–110.(IF – 2.022)
  • Shinde RN, Sobhia ME. Geometrical criteria for characterizing open and closed states of WPD-loop in PTP1B. J Mol Struct, 2012, 1017, 79–83.(IF – 1.404)
  • Sobhia ME, Paul S, Shinde RN, Potluri M, Gundam V, Kaur A, Haokip T. Protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors: a patent review (2002 - 2011). Expert Opin Ther Pat, 2012, 22(2), 125-153. (IF – 3.525)
  • Shah A, Shinde R, Kare P, Hymavathi, Chavan S and Sobhia ME. Induced fit binding of aldose reductase inhibitors to AKR1B10. Med Chem Res, 2012 21(7), 1245-1252.(IF – 1.612)
  • Shinde RN, Srikanth K, Sobhia ME. Insights into the permeability of drugs and drug‐like molecules from MI‐QSAR and HQSAR studies. J Mol Model, 2012, 18(3), 947-962.(IF – 1.984)
  • Kumar R, Shinde RN, Ajay D, Sobhia ME. Probing interaction requirements in PTP1B inhibitors: A comparative molecular dynamics study. J Chem Inf Mod, 2010, 50(6), 1147‐1158.(IF – 3.822)
  • Shinde RN, Gupta S and Mohan CG. Information rich descriptors for predicting p-glycoprotein substrates and nonsubstrates: A binary-QSAR approach. Chem Biol Interface, 2012, 2(3), 140-156.
  • Shinde R, Garg D, Wahajuddin, Mohan CG. Impact of structural bioinformatics on drug discovery, Cur Res Inf Pharm Sci, 2005, July, 17-23.

Professional memberships:

Indian Biophysical Society

Indian Pharmaceutical Association

Association of Pharmaceutical teachers of India

Official email ID:

Official Phone No. 91-02563-295545,46,47,48,49 (Ext:131105)



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