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Annual cultural event – "Protsahan-‘24” was organized at The Mukesh Patel Technology Park, in two phases, the pre-event on March 13 and the main event on March 15, 2024. The theme for this year’s program was NMFlix, based on different entertainment programs on television channel – Netflix. This was a program of the students, by the students and for the students, where different activities from preparation of creatives based on theme, arrangements for stage, light, sound, and other arrangements for guests and dignitaries – all were handled by students. Dr. Mahendra Prajapati, head, co-curricular activities, Dr. Amit Page, member, co-curricular activities monitored all the happenings. A review of progress was also taken by the Associate Dean, Dr. Shyamsunder Pancholi and I/C. campus director, Dr. R. S. Gaud.

Through presentation of their excellent management skills, students could get sponsorships from different industries including Bookzy, Pidilite industries, HD corporation and Emiza suppliy chain corporation.

A much loved book fair was organized in collaboration with our sponsor Bookzy from 11th to 13th March 2024, with waves of students excitedly exploring new genres. Various pre-vents were conducted during this year. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, the students enjoyed and had a memorable experience with Treasure Hunt. Devil Pong added a fiery twist to the game, infusing it with energy and excitement. Putting a spin on the traditional volleyball rules, the students came through with a new thrilling game, where the players played volleyball using bedsheets. Protsahan transported participants back to their childhood days, as they gathered to play the timeless game of Housie. The "Shoot your Shot" basketball event ignited the campus excitement. Students showcased their skills, sinking shots amidst cheers and friendly competition. The event provided a platform for faculties and students to express their creative skills in front of an audience. Dr. Amit Page, Dr. Mahavir Singh and student Mr. Aditya Jadhao mesmerized the audience through their brilliant acting, heartfelt poems and shayaris, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

On March 15, 2024, the event began with a heartfelt veneration of Goddess Saraswati led by our esteemed dignitaries, setting the tone for a night filled with talent and creativity! The campus was buzzing with excitement as the stage came alive with electrifying performances! From the intense Dance Battle between the dynamic groups "Blue Hybrid" and "Lilac Flames" to the thrilling Battle of Bands featuring "Malang" and "Goonj," every moment was a crescendo of talent and energy! And the Icing on the cake was the performance from the Cultural Forum of SPTM, Shirpur. But the excitement didn't stop there! Our students dazzled on the ramp with their creativity and style! From the modern vibes of Netflix to the timeless allure of Retro to the colorful grace of Monofusion, every theme was brought to life with panache! And let's not forget our esteemed faculty members, who graced the stage with their Ethnic-themed ramp walk and mesmerizing dance performance!

The energy didn't stop there! On March 17th, the pulsating beats of DJ Karan-Kanchan’s performance kept the party going, adding another layer of excitement to the Protsahan weekend! DJ night at the college fest was electrifying and brought an unmatched energy to the crowd. Karan Kanchan's seamless transitions between tracks kept the audience engaged and dancing throughout the night. His song selection catered to a diverse audience, blending popular hits with underground gems, ensuring everyone had a great time.

Following photographs represent the glimpses of event.





Dr. R. S. Gaud, Director SVKM’S NMIMS Pharma Institutions and I/c Director MPTP Shirpur, Dr. S.S. Pancholi, Associate Dean, SPTM; Dr. Venkatadri Marriboyina, Associate Dean MPSTME, Dr. Indra Kumar, Associate Dean, SAST; Dr. Arup Rakshit, Associate Dean, CTF, Shri Rahul Dande, Chief Accountant and Administrator, Shri Bhupesh Jaware, Deputy Registrar and all the faculty and staff members with family grace the occasion with their presence.


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