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On 26th April, 2024 The World Intellectual Property Day -2024 was celebrated at SVKM's NMIMS School of Pharmacy & Technology Management, Shirpur

SVKM's NMIMS School of Pharmacy & Technology Management, Shirpur, recently commemorated World Intellectual Property Day celebration to spotlight the significance of intellectual property (IP) rights in nurturing innovation and creativity, while also advancing towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The theme for this year's celebration was "IP and the SDGs: Building our common future with innovation and creativity", extended by WIPO, to highlight the connection between intellectual property, innovation, and sustainable development. A notable feature of the event was the series of enlightening drama skits performed by M. Pharm students & Faculty, aiming to enhance public understanding of the patent system.  The title of this skit was "IPR AWARENESS THROUGH DRAMATIC ART”, this 40-minute skit showcased patentability issues concerning various domains such as Atomic Energy, Cultural Heritage, Movies, Salt form of Drugs, Method of presentation of information or mental act, Paper Presentation/publication, and the date of priority of patent. This initiative not only provided a platform for reflection among students, faculty, and guests on the importance of intellectual property rights but also emphasized their role in achieving sustainable development goals.  At the end of this event Dr. Payal R. Dande expressed the vote of thanks, acknowledging the efforts of all involved.  This event was guided by Dr. Shyam Pancholi, Associate Dean, SPTM Shirpur and coordinated by Dr. Shashikant B Bagade, Associate Professor

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